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「Ain't gettin on a fast plane, sugar buns on the at」

VIPPER: Gamecube ForeverExpand] [Last 100
I'll stand on the deck so you can see
I'll stand on the deck so you can wave bye bye
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
chiru goin be poly cult leader
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Reverend Chiru moonchild

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Okinan♪Expand] [Last 100
So, the server actually died, online.net is refunding me.
Also I forgot to backup the db, tehe pero.
are we hu-bun
or are we viper
is the website dead?
I can't access it from my laptop and I'm sure if I refresh it'll be kill.
I also can't go to the new thread as a result.
doesn't seem any more dead than usual