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/bun/ - Ain't gettin on a fast plane, sugar buns on the at (#999)

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GIqSnDsEx(61 KB, 1024x682)EN1QZcNU4AAcOI1.jpg orig.jpg

「Ain't gettin on a fast plane, sugar buns on the at」

VIPPER: Gamecube Forever
I'll stand on the deck so you can see
I'll stand on the deck so you can wave bye bye
>>1000 ➡
well yeah, 2D is piss simple, but I'm looking to create something I can practically live in, the biggest part I want to be part of the MMO is semi-forced/needed grouping, so you don't just solo everything.
Trying to figure out a way to do that without the stick, but more the carrot.
Ah I was thinking Vulkan for this in particular.
GIqSnDsEx(140 KB, 689x655)mimicyu disk.png
Forced party quests where you need to stand on certain platforms to complete it
or ones where you can't complete it within the time limit without help

heh maplestory
>they same
More or less, but Vulkan is a bit different.
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
just make oldschool maplestory in 3d
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
God damnit

i miss it
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
/bun/ privateserver wwwww

10000000x exp or something
Ah I can technically do that right now with tera, heh.
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
ms not hard to set up but

well yeah, there's no surprise there.
I was thinking of just continuing/rewriting that, but then I thought I've been wanting to make an MMO for a while now.
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
I meant maplestory
the private servers are all written
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
i mean teeeeeechnichally an MMO doesn’t need much front/back consistency

9front server wwwwww
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
transfer prot define w
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
not hard
lmao Minecraft
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Minecraft BTW up
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
do you know

incomprehensible GPU nonsense?
then OpenGL will be perfect for you
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
SF maj
holy shit
GIqSnDsEx(298 KB, 499x281)1351076836762.gif
i have an interview for a security job
and i'll have that dosh
and i'll be able to waste it on incredibly dumb things!
and also figures
definitely figures
So long NEET chiru
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Armed chiru beating people with nightsticks
You would like that wouldn't you?
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
No, I would never use "people" to describe you
Orientation on Tuesday!
VIPPER: Another World Gamecube
guarding the international bank of bunbutts
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
someday you will die
and someone's going to
steal your car-Bun
even bozo stopped posting on /bun/
Don't worry it's first in last out.
There are dozens of people who are due to show up and tell you to fuck off before it's his turn.
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
is your memory really that bad?
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Mr. Can’t keep track of things said in his presence to him in this thread.
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
A similar farewell to Il Duce
wwwww well his body anyway
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
The best part of the current political discourse is I get to be HIP and EN VOGUE for liking 120 Days of Sodom again
cute spooder
also quick restart
cute chiru~
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
wow gaybun
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Valentines night of the living gaybun
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Maybe Bun is just thousands of spider in trenchcoat
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Or things that spiders eat because he’s scared of them

maybe Bun is the literal lord of the flies Beelzqbub
VIPPER: Gamecube Forever
oh wwwww
sanic movis is out today
This is the way to spend Valentines
Watching the Sonic movie alone
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
The sanic movis was not terrible

too Faithful
i wanna work for NASAAAAAAA
i need to find a cute american to marry for green card
>>1592 >>1601
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
the thought of you doing government cube work

VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
GIqSnDsEx(3.5 MB, 1469x1920)846D81BE-2AFD-47AD-81B7-04426FB2D1D9.jpeg
the bun I know
who gets so bored listless and horny doing things he ENJOYS
working in a cube for the US government crunching numbers that don’t matter wwwwwwwwwwwwww
How many days until he just fucking walks off into the ocean
q-quiet you...
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
even then NASA's hierarchy is fucked by even American corporate standards
there's a lot of "oh but you don’t ***reaaaaally*** work for *NASA*" that goes around inside it
lots of suborgs and closets to get stuck into
or be forced into

outreach wwwwwwwww

Several of the other VIPPERs worked for nasa
and had families that worked for nasa
no good reports of what it is like there ever floated my way wwwwwwww
most of them got poached by the spooks down the street wwwwwwwwwww
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Not that any branch of the US government is more efficient
fucking nonsense from spending excess, nothing left tightly manufactured, no strategy in any of it
tower of crumbling blocks throughout where things are only done by accident or for lining external interests pockets wwwww
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Oh right wwww
my uncle was in ground control when Apollo 11 touched down on the moon wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
>not terrible
what a shame
what need me to marry you
ah forgot name, dumb cookies
anyway yeah I've been offering exactly that to plenty of gucas, if you need some help getting into america, feel free to ask.
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
chiru goin be poly cult leader
VIPPER: King Yama's Apostle
Reverend Chiru moonchild

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